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On Point Holsters Dump Tray. The Dump Tray is molded with .080 Kydex and we offer a wide range of color options. The Tray is 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3/4 inch deep.

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Custom Design, 2nd Amenedment Logo, Armor of God, Battle Worn Patriot Pattern, Betsy Ross Flag on light grey, Blue and Black Flag, Blue and Black Flag on Grey, Digital Pastel Blue, Full Color US Flag, Full Star Constitution Covention Color Flag, Green Digital Camo, Mo Money, pink, Punisher Skull with American Flag, Small Thin Blue Line Flags, Subduded Thin Blue Line Flag, Sugar Skulls on white, test, Texas Flag on white, Texas Flag subduded, The Lord is My Sheppard Cross, Thin Blue Line Flag with Security Forces Badge, Thin Blue Line Flag with small SF Flash, UF Flag/Don't Tread Break through, US Flag with Iwo Jima, US Flag with We The People, We The People/Don't Tread On Me, Worn Subdued Constitution Flag, Arctic White, Army Green, Blood Red, Chocolate Brown, Coyote Brown, Coyote Grey, Desert Tan, EMT Red, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, Gun Metal Grey, Hot Pink, Light Grey, Mass Grey, Mustard Yellow, Neon Pink, OD Green, Police Blue, Purple, Safety Orange, Safety Yellow, Storm Grey, Tiffany Blue, Zombie Green, Carbon Fiber Battleship Grey, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Blood Red, Carbon Fiber Coyote Brown, Carbon Fiber Desert Tan, Carbon Fiber EMT Red, Carbon Fiber Flat Dark Earth, Carbon Fiber Pink, Carbon Fiber Police Blue, Carbon Fiber Storm Grey, Carbon Fiber Zombie Green, 2nd Amendment, 6 Color Camo, 6 Color Camo Flag, Air Force ABU, Air Force Logo, Air Force Retro, Army Digital Camo, American Flag ABU Camo, American Flag Black & White Camo, American flag/Don't Tread On Me, American Flag Blue on Grey, American Flag Pattern, American Flag Pattern 2, Basket Weave, Betsy Ross Flag, Big Money, Blue and White Flag Camo, Confederate Flag, Constitution, Constitution Convention Flag, Desert Digital Camo, Digital Blue Camo, Digital Matte Red on Light Grey, Don't Tread on me Battleworn, Don't Tread on me/Constitution, Dual Layer Black/EMT Red, Dual Layer Black/Police Blue, Dual Layer Black/Zombie Green, Forest Digital Camo, Forest Green Flag, Full Color Flag, Full Color Flag on White, Full Color Flag/Don't Tread on White, George Washington, Grave Yard Camo, Gun Pattern, Hexagon Red, Hexagon White, Hot Pink Camo, Iwo Jima Memorial, Jungle Camo, Kryptek Banchee, Kryptek Neptune, Kryptek Nomad, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake, Kryptek Raid, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Xtreme Desert Tan, Kryptek Xtreme EMT Red, Kryptek Xtreme Hot Pink, Kryptek Xtreme Zombie Green, Kryptek Yeti, Marine Camo, Marine Corps Special on Desert Tan, Marine Semper Fidelis, Multiple American Flags, Old Glory on White, Old Glory V1, Old Glory V2, POW/MIA on Desert Tan, Purple Digital Camo, Raptor Tactical Black, Raptor Tactical Brown, Raptor Tactical Chesnut, Rusty Gadsden on Tan, Security Forces Flash, Skull with Flag, Skull with Thin Blue Line, Skulls, Subdued Flag Camo on White, Texas Flag, Texas Flag Grey, Texas Flag with Skull/Thin Blue Line, Texas Flag/Thin Blue Line Skull, Texas Rustic Flag, Thin Blue Line, Thin Blue Line Flag, Thin Blue Line Flag Pattern, Thin Blue Line Flag Subdued Pattern, Thin Blue Line Flag w/AFOSI Badge, Thin Blue Line Flag w/SFS Badge, Thin Blue Line Flag w/small SF Flash, Thin Blue Line Flag/SF Flash, Thin Blue Line V1, Thin Green Line Flag, Thin Red Line, Thin Red Line Flag, Thin Red Line V1, US Army, US Flag on Constitution, US Flag w/Iwo Jima, US Flag/We The People Break Through, US Flag/Constitution on White, US Flag/Don't Tread Break Through, US Marine Corps, US Navy, USMC Digital Camo, We The People, We The People Flag, Woodland Camo